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Guest Speakers

Ranger in a classroom

A Ranger in a classroom interacts with kids

Invite a Ranger to your class

Interpretive & Educational Rangers are available to come to your classroom and present education-based programs to your students. Rangers will come to your classroom and bring along with them artifacts such as mica, copper and obsidian, to name a few. Pre-historic tools are often part of the program, so kids can expect to see and handle stone tools, animal bones and flint bladelets. Rangers will interact with the kids by utilizing the artifacts and tools and talking about where they came from and what they were used for during daily life in the Hopewell period. This is an excellent way for your kids to learn about the Hopewellian way of life through a hands-on, fun experience that they all will surely remember. To inquire about inviting a ranger to your classroom or for more information, please call us at 740-774-1126 or send us an email.

Please Note: Classroom visits are typically scheduled during the middle part of the school year, November through March. Unfortunately, due to high visitation at the park from school groups during certain times of the year, ranger visits to the classroom are not available in April, May, June or October.

Did You Know?

Obsidian spear point

Obsidian has been found at a few Hopewell earthwork sites. The majority of obsidian, several hundred pounds, was found in one mound at Hopewell Mound Group. Much of the obsidian is from Obsidian Cliff in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming - over 1,500 miles away. More...