• Sun beginning to set at Harpers Ferry, as seen from Maryland Heights. Photo by NPS Volunteer Buddy Secor.

    Harpers Ferry

    National Historical Park WV,VA,MD

Things To Do

Museums and exhibits line Shenandoah Street.

Living history museums on Shenandoah Street bring the past alive.

National Park Service

Harpers Ferry Park offers a wide variety of activities for individuals and families. Visit our many museums and exhibits, hike our trails, join a ranger-guided tour or just tour on your own. The Harpers Ferry Historical Association's Bookshop has a great supply of books, artwork, postcards and items for kids of all ages. Rangers and volunteers at the Visitor Center and Information Center are available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Visit us soon and discover Harpers Ferry.

Did You Know?

The Harpers Ferry Brochure was produced by the design center.

The National Park Service brochures are designed and produced at the Harpers Ferry Interpretive Design Center located in Harpers Ferry.