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  • Expect Cooler Nights with No Precipitation through the Remainder of the Week

    Monsoonal weather patterns have moved into the Grand Canyon area decreasing fire danger. As a result, on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 a.m. fire managers lifted fire restrictions within Grand Canyon National Park. More »

  • Two Bats Collected in the Park Have Tested Positive for Rabies

    One on the North Kaibab Trail and the other at Tusayan Ruin/Museum. Rabies can be prevented if appropriate medical care is given following an exposure. Any persons having physical contact with bats in Grand Canyon National Park, please follow this link. More »

Hike Smart Tips - Audio Podcasts by PSAR

Hike Smart Podcast Directory Button. Left - hiking group on Bright Angel Trail. Right - 1950's hiker.
Hike Smart Podcast 01 (02m:34s) What is Preventative Search & Rescue?
The program was started in 1997 as an effort to reduce the hundreds of heat-related illnesses park visitors were experiencing every summer. PSAR Rangers patrol the main trails, and ask hikers questions about their hiking plans. Listen
Hike Smart Podcast 02 (07m:09s) The Ten Essentials
Whenever I hike the trails, even if I’m only intending to go a short distance, I always bring the ten essentials. At the Grand Canyon plans can change quickly due to the weather, illness, injury or fatigue. Listen
Hike Smart Podcast 03 (05m:31s) Heading Down the Trail
You know, it's all about planning... Before we start down the trail, there are a few to consider. First, are you in good physical condition? If you have a medical condition, talk to your doctor before visiting. Make sure you are healthy enough to hike steep and difficult trails. Listen
Hike Smart Podcast 04 (04m:42s) Self Rescue Tips
In this podcast we’re going to discuss some self-rescue tips and common problems encountered by hikers on the trail. One of the great things about Grand Canyon hikers is that they tend to look out for each other. Listen
human infant
Hike Smart Podcast 05 (07m:18s) Hiking with Infants & Toddlers
Heading out into the natural environment with children can be a fantastic experience for both parent and child. Children often bring our attention back to the wonder of small things we may miss while taking in the grandeur of the Canyon. Listen...

Hi, my name is Sarah and I’m a PSAR Ranger here at Grand Canyon National Park. Grab your earphones and come on a virtual trail patrol with me. I’ll be presenting a podcast series that will allow you to experience a day in the life of a Preventative Search and Rescue Ranger. We’ll meet up with other hikers and learn about what to expect on the trail, the 10 essentials you should always bring with you (even on a short hike), how to rescue yourself, some tips for hiking with children, and most of all how to HIKE SMART! Dust off your boots and listen to the Hike Smart podcasts, here on the Grand Canyon website, or on the iTunes Hiking Grand Canyon Channel.

This Hike Smart podcast series (1-5) was produced by Park Ranger Patrick Gamman.


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Hike Smart Podcast 01 (02m:34s) What is Preventative Search & Rescue?
Hike Smart Podcast 02 (07m:09s) The Ten Essentials
Hike Smart Podcast 03 (05m:31s) Heading Down the Trail
Hike Smart Podcast 04 (04m:42s) Self Rescue Tips
Hike Smart Podcast 05 (07m:18s) Hiking with Infants & Toddlers

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At the bottom, where Unkar Creek joins the Colorado River sits Unkar Delta where prehistoric Pueblo people occupied numerous sites here for about 350 years (A.D. 850 to A.D. 1200)