• View of Grand Canyon National Park at sunset from the South Rim

    Grand Canyon

    National Park Arizona

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  • Expect Isolated Thunderstorm Activity Through Thursday. A Greater Chance on the Weekend

    Monsoonal weather patterns have moved into the Grand Canyon area decreasing fire danger. As a result, on Tuesday, July 8 at 8 a.m. fire managers lifted fire restrictions within Grand Canyon National Park. More »

  • Two Bats Collected in the Park Have Tested Positive for Rabies

    One on the North Kaibab Trail and the other at Tusayan Ruin/Museum. Any persons having physical contact with bats in Grand Canyon National Park, please call 928-638-7779. Rabies can be prevented if appropriate medical care is given following an exposure. More »

Distance Learning

Grand Canyon National Park offers state-of-the-art distance learning programs for classrooms. Programs are free and take place from November through May. An internet connection is required.

Registration has closed for the 2013-2014 school year.

Registration for the 2014-2015 school year will begin in September. 2014.

Educational DVDs and Grand Canyon Traveling Trunks are available for classroom use.

  • Plant fossil (background) on reddish rock. On the right, a trilobite on green shale.

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    Ancient Life

    Students explore Grand Canyon’s fossil record to learn about past environments Explore »

  • Ranger holding a globe and talking to a class during a distance learning program.

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    Ask a Ranger

    Learn about Grand Canyon from the rangers who protect it Explore »

  • Cottonwood trees growing by Burro Spring on the Tonto Platform, 3,060 ft (933 m) below the South Rim

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    Canyon Connections

    Explore Grand Canyon ecosystems Explore »

  • Aerial view of the Colorado River from Prospect Canyon looking southwest.

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    Layers in Time

    Grand Canyon reveals Earth’s geologic history Explore »

  • A lizard, raven, deer and chipmunk, each in separate squares, superimposed over a cloudy sky

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    Where the Wild Things Live

    Young learners discover Grand Canyon’s animals Explore »

Did You Know?

CA condor in flight

There are 373 species of birds found in Grand Canyon National Park. Endangered bird species include the southwestern willow flycatcher, the Yuma clapper rail and the California condor. More...