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Your Glen Canyon Adventure Starts Here

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, at the heart of the "Grand Circle," provides unique and refreshing opportunities for travel-weary visitors.

Stay for an hour and take a tour of Glen Canyon Dam, or stay for a week to camp on the shores of Lake Powell in a houseboat.

With 1.2 million acres of golden cliffs, lush hanging gardens, impossibly narrow slot canyons, and the brilliant blue paradox of Lake Powell to visit, you may find yourself coming back again and again.

But if this is going to be your first visit to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, these pages on your left can help you to plan your amazing Glen Canyon adventure.

Glen Canyon can be treacherous! Take care of yourself. Your safety is our first concern.


Basic Information
What you need to know.

Directions & Transportation
How do I get here? I do I get around?

Eating & Sleeping
You have to eat some time.

Places To Go
There are so many places to go to in Glen Canyon!

Things To Do
So Many!

What is happening in the park?

Our first priority is your safety.

Are the visitor centers accessible? Are the marinas?

Nearby Attractions
When I am finally done with Glen canyon, what else can I do?

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Find the books and maps you need to begin your adventure from our cooperating association.

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For services and tour opportunities outside of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, inquire at the Powell Museum, the official tourism office for Page AZ. The museum is located in Page, on the corner of Lake Powell Blvd and North Navajo St.

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