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Gateway welcomes you to enjoy its beautiful beaches, environmental wonders and historic structures. Be adventurous, but also be wise. If an area is closed to the public, it may be environmentally sensitive or unsafe for visitors. Please read the signs and observe all park rules during your visit. These rules keep you safe while preserving both natural habitats and historic landscapes.


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Jamaica Bay Unit

Jamaica Bay Unit

Jamaica Bay Unit

Within the Jamaica Bay Unit there are several places to visit. Floyd Bennett Field, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Canarsie Pier, Breezy Point, Fort Tilden and Jacob Riis Park.

Sandy Hook Unit

Sandy Hook Unit

Sandy Hook Unit

The Sandy Hook Unit is located in New Jersey. There you will find historic Fort Hancock, the oldest continuously operating lighthouse in the county, the historic life-saving station and amazing beaches.


Staten Island Unit

The Staten Island Unit is made of three different areas, Fort Wadsworth, Miller Field, and Great Kills Park.


2013 Fishing Maps

Explore Gateway through Google Earth!

We have created several themes that allow you to explore Gateway through Google Earth. You can find a kayak launch spot in Jamaica Bay, learn more about the historic structures at Fort Hancock or find directions to Great Kills Park.

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