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Sandy Hook Maritime Structures

Lighthouse in camoflague in World War II.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse during World War II.  The Light was turned off during the War to protect ships from U Boat attacks.  The tower was painted in camoflague.

NPS/Gateway NRA

The Sandy Hook Light is the oldest standing lighthouse and the oldest operating lighthouse in the United States. It is the only surviving tower of the 11 lighthouses built in the thirteen colonies during the colonial period from 1716 to 1771. In 2014, the lighthouse celebrated its 250th anniversary.

First lit on June 11, 1764, its thick walls protected it from cannonball fire during the Revolutionary War. The Lighthouse Keeper's Quarters, currently a museum, is the fifth Keeper's Quarters built on the site and was constructed in 1883.

The Sandy Hook Light is a National Historic Landmark. It is also part of the Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground Historic District National Historic Landmark.

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Spermaceti Cove Life Saving Station

Spermaceti Cove station, c. 1910

NPS/Gateway NRA

Spermaceti Cove Life-Saving Station, 1894, housed the men who risked their lives saving shipwrecked victims. In 1915 the United States Life-Saving Service became the U.S. Coast Guard. The station was used by the Coast Guard until the late 1940s.

Spermaceti Cove #2 Life-Saving Service Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also part of the Fort Hancock and Sandy Hook Proving Ground Historic District National Historic Landmark.

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Women's Army Corps soldiers crossing out the

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