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Order of Battle Fredericksburg Union Right Grand Division

Battle of Fredericksburg December 11-15, 1862
Right Grand Division:

Major General Edwin (Bull) Sumner

Second Army Corps:
Major General Darius Couch

First Division:
Brigadier General Winfield Scott Hancock

First Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General John Caldwell (w)
(2.) Colonel George von Schack (w)

5th New Hampshire:
Col. Edward E. Cross
Maj. E. E. Sturtevant
Capt. James E. Larkin
Capt. Horace T. H. Pierce
7th New York:
Col. George von Schack
Capt. G. A. von Bransen
61st New York:
Col. Nelson A. Miles
64th New York:
Lieut. Col. Enos C. Brooks
81st Pennsylvania:
Col. H. Boyd McKeen
Capt. William Wilson
145th Pennsylvania:
Col. Hiram L. Brown
Lieut. Col. David B. McCreary

Second Brigade: (Irish Brigade)
Brigadier General Thomas Meagher

28th Massachusetts:
Col. Richard Byrnes
63rd New York:
Lieut. Col. Richard C. Bentley
Maj. Joseph O'Neill
Capt. Patrick J. Condon
69th New York:
Col. Robert Nugent
Capt. James Saunders
88th New York:
Col. Patrick Kelly
116th Pennsylvania:
Col. Dennis Heenan
Lieut. Col. St. Clair Mulholland
Lieut. Francis Quinlan

Third Brigade:
Colonel Samuel Zook

27th Connecticut:
Col. Richard Bostwick
2nd Delaware:
Col. William Baily
52nd New York:
Col. Paul Frank
57th New York:
Lieut. Col. Alford B. Chapman
Maj. N. Garrow Throop
Capt. James W. Britt
66th New York:
Lieut. Col. James H. Bull
Capt. Julius Wehle
Capt. John S. Hammell
Lieut. James G. Derrickson
53nd Pennsylvania:
Col. John Brooke

Divisional Artillery

1st New York Light, Battery B:
Capt. Rufus Pettit
4th United States, Battery C:
Lieut. Evan Thomas

Second Division:
Brigadier General Oliver Otis Howard

First Brigade:
Brigadier General Alfred Sully (w)

19th Maine:
Col. Frederick D. Sewall
Lieut. Col. Francis E. Heath
15th Massachusetts:
Maj. Chase Philbrick
Capt. John Murkland
Capt. Charles H. Watson
1st Minnesota:
Col. George N. Morgan
Minnesota Sharpshooters, 2d Company:
Capt. William F. Russell
34th New York:
Col. James A. Sutter
82nd New York (2d Militia):
Lieut. Col. James Huston
Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company:
Capt. William Plumer

Second Brigade: (Philadelphia Brigade)
Colonel Joshua Owen

69th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Dennis O'Kane
71st Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. John Markoe
72nd Pennsylvania:
Col. DeWitt Baxter
106th Pennsylvania:
Col. Turner Morehead

Third Brigade:
(1.) Colonel Norman Hall
(2.) Colonel William Lee

19th Massachusetts:
Capt. H. G. O. Weymonth
20th Massachusetts
Capt. George Macy
7th Michigan:
Lieut. Col. Henry Baxter
Maj. Thomas Hunt
42nd New York:
Lt. Col. George N. Bomford
59th New York:
Lieut. Col. William Northedge
127th Pennsylvania:
Cal. William W. Jennings

Divisional Artillery:

1st Rhode Island Light, Battery A:
Capt. William A. Arnold
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery B:
Capt. John Hazard

Third Division:
Brigadier General William (Blinky) French

First Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Nathan Kimball (w)
(2) Colonel John Mason

14th Indiana:
Maj. Elijah H. C. Cavins
24th New Jersey:
Col. Wm. B. Robertson
28th New Jersey:
Col. M. N. Wisewell
Lieut. Col. E. A. L. Roberts
4th Ohio:
Col. John Mason
Lieut. Col. James Godman
Capt. Gordon A. Stewart
8th Ohio:
Lieut. Col. Franklin Sawyer
7th West Virginia:
Col. Joseph Snider
Lieut.Col Jonathan Lockwood.

Second Brigade
Colonel Oliver Palmer

14th Connecticut:
Lieut. Col. Sanford H. Perkins
Capt. Samuel H. Davis
108th New York:
Lieut. Col. Charles J. Powers
130th Pennsylvania:
Col. Henry I. Zinn (k)
Capt. William M. Porter

Third Brigade:
(1.) Colonel John W. Andrews (w)
(2.) Lieut. Col. William Jameson
(3.) Lieut. Col. John Marshall

1st Delaware:
Maj. Thomas Smyth
4th New York:
Col. John D. MacGregor
Lieut. Col. William Jameson
Maj. Charles W. Kruger
10th New York:
Col. John E. Bendix
Capt. Salmon Winchester
Capt. George F. Hopper
132nd Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Charles Albright

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York Light, Battery G:
Capt. John D. Frank
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery G:
Capt. Charles D. Owen

Second Corps Artillery Reserve:
Captain Charles Morgan

1st United States, Battery I:
Lieut. Edmund Kirby
4th United States, Battery A:
Lieut. Rufus King Jr

Ninth Army Corps
Brigadier General Orlando Willcox

Headquarters Escort:

6th New York Cavalry, Company B:
Capt. Hillman A. Hall
6th New York Cavalry, Company C:
Capt. William L. Heermance

First Division:
Brigadier General William Burns

First Brigade:
Colonel Orland Poe

2nd Michigan:
Lieut. Col. Louis Dillman
17th Michigan:
Col. William H. Withington
20th Michigan:
Col. Adolphus W. Williams
79th New York (Highlanders):
Lt. Col. David Morrison

Second Brigade:
Colonel Benjamin Christ.

29th Massachusetts:
Lieut. Col. Joseph H. Barnes
8th Michigan:
Maj. Ralph Ely
27th New Jersey:
Col. George W. Mindil
46th New York:
Lieut.Col Joseph Gerhardt
50th Pennsylvania:
Lieut. Col. Thomas S. Bronholtz

Third Brigade:
Colonel Daniel Leasure

36th Massachusetts:
Col. Henry Bowman
45th Pennsylvania:
Col. Thomas Welsh
100th Pennsylvania (Roundheads):
Lieut. Col. David Leckey

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York Light, Battery D,
Capt. Thomas W. Osborn
3rd United States, Batteries L and M,
Lieut. Horace J. Hayden

Second Division
Brigadier General Samuel Sturgis

First Brigade
Brigadier General James Nagle

2nd Maryland:
Col. Thomas Allard
6th New Hampshire:
Col. Simon Griffin
9th New Hampshire:
Lieut. Col. John W. Babbitt
48th Pennsylvania:
Col. Joshua Sigfried
7th Rhode Island:
Col. Zenas Bliss
12th Rhode Island:
Col. George Browne

Second Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Ferrero

21st Massachusetts:
Col. William Clark
35th Massachusetts:
Maj. Sidney Willard
Capt. Stephen Andrews
11th New Hampshire:
Col. Walter Harriman
51st Now York:
Col. Robert Potter
51st Pennsylvania:
Col. John Hartranft

Divisional Artillery:

2nd New York Light, Battery L:
Capt. Jacob Roomer
Pennsylvania Light, Battery D:
Capt. George Durell
1st Rhode Island Light, Battery D:
Capt. William Buckley
4th United States, Battery E:
Lieut. George Dickenson
Lieut. John Egan

Third Division
Brigadier General George Getty

First Brigade:
Colonel Rush Hawkins

10th New Hampshire:
Col. Michael Donohoe
13th New Hampshire:
Col. Aaron Stevens
25th New Jersey:
Col. Andrew Derrom
9th New York (Hawkin's Zouaves):
Lt. Col. Edgar Kimball
89th New York,
Col.Harrison S. Fairchild.
103rd New York:
Col. Benjamin Ringold

Second Brigade:
Colonel Edward Harland

8th Connecticut:
Maj. John Ward
Capt. Henry Hoyt
11th Connecticut:
Col. G. A. Stedman Jr
15th Connecticut:
Lieut. Col. S. Tolles
16th Connecticut:
Capt. C. L. Upham
21st Connecticut:
Col. Arthur Dutton
4th Rhode Island:
Lieut. Col. Joseph Curtis
Maj. Martin Buffum

Divisional Artillery:

2nd United States, Battery E:
Lieut. Samuel N. Benjamin
5th United States, Battery A:
Lieut. James Gillies

Union High Command.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Reserve Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

Orders of Battle Page.

Did You Know?

Todd's Tavern

The Battle of Todd's Tavern was not the largest cavalry battle of the war, but may have been the most important. Confederate horsemen delayed the advance of the Union just long enough so that the Confederate army could win the race to Spotsylvania which extended the war for eleven months.