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Order of Battle Fredericksburg Reserve Grand Division

Order of Battle Reserve Grand Division Fredreicksburg December 11-15, 1862

Reserve Grand Division:
Major General Franz Sigel

Eleventh Corps Army of the Potomac:
Brigadier General Julius Stahel

Brigadier General Carl Schurz

First Division:
Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean

1st Brigade:
Colonel Leopold von Gilsa

8th New York
41st New York
45th New York
54th New York
153rd Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade:
Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean

17th Connecticut
25th Ohio
55th Ohio
75th Ohio
107th Ohio

Cavalry Brigade:
Colonel Louis P. Di Cesnola

Connecticut Cavalry, 1st Battalion
4th New York
9th New York
6th Ohio

Divisional Artillery:
Captain William L. De Beck

2nd New York Battery
13th New York Battery
1st Ohio, Company K

Second Division:
Brigadier General Adolf von Steinwehr

1st Brigade:
Colonel Adolfus Buschbeck

29th New York
154th New York
27th Pennsylvania
73rd Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade:
Colonel Orland Smith

33rd Massachusetts
134th New York
136th New York
73rd Ohio

Divisional Artillery:

1st New York, Battery I
12th Ohio Battery

Third Division:
Brigadier General Carl Schurz

1st Brigade:
Colonel Alexander Schimmelfennig

82nd Illinois
68th New York
157th New York
61st Ohio
74th Pennsylvania
1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery I

2nd Brigade:
Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski

58th New York
119th New York
75th Pennsylvania
26th Wisconsin
1st [West] Virginia Artillery, Battery C


1st Indiana Cavalry (two companies)
82nd Ohio
17th Pennsylvania Cavalry
3rd [West] Virginia Cavalry (two companies)

Twelth Corps Army of the Potomac:
Major General Henry Slocum

Headquarters Escort:
12th Illinois Cavalry, Company A

First Division:
Brigadier General Alpheus Williams

1st Brigade:
Colonel Joseph Knipe

5th Connecticut
10th Maine
28th New York
46th Pennsylvania
128th Pennsylvania

2nd Brigade:
Brigadier General Thomas Kane

20th Connecticut
123rd New York
124th Pennsylvania
125th Pennsylvania

3rd Brigade:
Colonel John Murphy

27th Indiana
2nd Massachusetts
13th New Jersey
107th New York
29th Pennsylvania
3rd Wisconsin


1st Maine, Company H
1st Michigane, Company L

Divisional Artillery:
Captain Robert Fitzhugh

1st New York, Battery K
1st New York, Battery M
4th United States, Battery F

Second Division:
Brigadier General John White Geary

1st Brigade:
Colonel Charles Candy

5th Ohio
7th Ohio
29th Ohio
66th Ohio
28th Pennsylvania
147th Pennsylvania
12th Illinois Cavalry
1st Maryland Cavalry (three companies)

2nd Brigade:
Colonel Joseph Sudsburg

3rd Maryland
60th New York
145th New York

3rd Brigade:
Brigadier General George (Pap) Greene

78th New York
102nd New York
137th New York
149th New York
109th Pennsylvania
111th Pennsylvania


1st Maine, Company H

Divisional Artillery:
Major Luther Kieffer

6th Maine Battery
1st Pennsylvania, Battery E Independent Light Artillery (Knap's)
1st Pennsylania, Battery F

Union High Command.
Right Grand Division.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

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