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Order of Battle Fredericksburg Union High Command and Artillery Reserve

Order of Battle Fredericksburg December 11-15, 1862

Army of the Potomac

Major General Ambrose Burnside

Headquarters Escort

Oneida (New York) Cavalry:
Capt. Daniel Mann
1st U. S. Cavalry (Detachment),
Capt. Marcus A. Reno:
4th U.S. Cavalry, Companies A and E:
Capt. James McIntyre

Provost Marshall:
Brigadier General Marsena Patrick

Provost Guard:

McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons, Company A:
Capt. George Shears
McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons, Company B:
Capt. David Brown
9th New York Infantry, Company G:
Capt. Charles Child
93rd New York Infantry:
Col. John S. Crocker
2nd United States Cavalry:
Maj. Charles Whiting
8th United States Infantry:
Capt. Royal Frank

Engineer Brigade:
Brigadier General Daniel Woodbury

15th New York Engineers:
Maj. James A. Magruder
50th New York Engineers:
Maj. Ira Spaulding
Battalion United States Engineers:
Liet. Charles Cross

Chief of Artillery:
Brigadier General Henry Hunt

Artillery Reserve:
Lieutenant Colonel William Hays

New York Light, 5th Battery:
Capt. Elijah Taft
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery A:
Capt. Otto Diederichs
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery B:
Capt. Adolph Voegelee
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery C:
Lieut. Bernhard Wever
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery D:
Capt. Charles Kusserow
1st United States, Battery K:
Capt. William M. Graham
2nd United States, Battery A:
Capt. John C. Tidball
4th United States, Battery G:
Lieut. Marcus P. Miller
5th United States, Battery K:
Lieut. David H. Kinzie
32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C:
Capt. Josiah C. Fuller

Unattached Artillery:
Major Thomas Trumbull

1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery B:
Capt. Albert F. Brooker
1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery M:
Capt. Franklin A. Pratt

Right Grand Division.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Reserve Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

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Did You Know?

Cannon Firing

The park recently acquired a reproduction Napoleon cannon for use in special "Living History" events. It was fired for the first time on Memorial Day weekend of 2006.