• Sunken Road, Stone Wall and Innis House

    Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania

    National Military Park Virginia

Order of Battle Fredericksburg Union High Command and Artillery Reserve

Order of Battle Fredericksburg December 11-15, 1862

Army of the Potomac

Major General Ambrose Burnside

Headquarters Escort

Oneida (New York) Cavalry:
Capt. Daniel Mann
1st U. S. Cavalry (Detachment),
Capt. Marcus A. Reno:
4th U.S. Cavalry, Companies A and E:
Capt. James McIntyre

Provost Marshall:
Brigadier General Marsena Patrick

Provost Guard:

McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons, Company A:
Capt. George Shears
McClellan (Illinois) Dragoons, Company B:
Capt. David Brown
9th New York Infantry, Company G:
Capt. Charles Child
93rd New York Infantry:
Col. John S. Crocker
2nd United States Cavalry:
Maj. Charles Whiting
8th United States Infantry:
Capt. Royal Frank

Engineer Brigade:
Brigadier General Daniel Woodbury

15th New York Engineers:
Maj. James A. Magruder
50th New York Engineers:
Maj. Ira Spaulding
Battalion United States Engineers:
Liet. Charles Cross

Chief of Artillery:
Brigadier General Henry Hunt

Artillery Reserve:
Lieutenant Colonel William Hays

New York Light, 5th Battery:
Capt. Elijah Taft
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery A:
Capt. Otto Diederichs
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery B:
Capt. Adolph Voegelee
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery C:
Lieut. Bernhard Wever
1st Battalion New York Light, Battery D:
Capt. Charles Kusserow
1st United States, Battery K:
Capt. William M. Graham
2nd United States, Battery A:
Capt. John C. Tidball
4th United States, Battery G:
Lieut. Marcus P. Miller
5th United States, Battery K:
Lieut. David H. Kinzie
32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C:
Capt. Josiah C. Fuller

Unattached Artillery:
Major Thomas Trumbull

1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery B:
Capt. Albert F. Brooker
1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery M:
Capt. Franklin A. Pratt

Right Grand Division.
Center Grand Division.
Left Grand Division.
Reserve Grand Division.
Union Cavalry.

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Did You Know?

Stonewall Jackson Shrine

Stonewall Jackson died in an outbuilding on the Chandler Plantation at Guinea Station on May 10, 1863. Guinea Station was the busy Confederate supply station during the Chancellorsville Campaign. Everything coming into the army and going out from the army went through Guinea Station.