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    National Park Florida

Christian Point Trail

Trail Length: 1.8 miles (2.9 km) one way

Wheelchair Accessible: No

Bicycles Allowed: No

Trail Description: Wander along a rustic path through a wide diversity of habitats. The trail begins in dense mangroves and buttonwoods full of bromeliads, or airplants. Next, investigate the unusual, salt-loving vegetation of open coastal prairie. Dead buttonwood snags interrupt these expanses that were shaped by hurricanes. Finally, you'll end up along the shore of Snake Bight, best viewed near high tide.

Directions to Trail: One mile (2 km) north of the Flamingo Visitor Center on the main park road.

Christian Point Trail
View from the Christian Point Trail
Christian Point Trail
Visitors strolling along the Christian Point Trail

Did You Know?

Indigo Snake

Of the 27 species of snakes in Everglades National Park, only four are venomous – the cottonmouth, the diamondback rattlesnake, the dusky pygmy rattlesnake, and the coral snake. The snake to the left is the non-venomous, endangered Indigo Snake.