EVER General Management Plan

Everglades National Park - General Management Plan (GMP) Update - December 2011

The National Park Service (NPS) is reconsidering how best to improve Everglades National Park's facilities at Flamingo and in Everglades City in light of government-wide funding cutbacks and concerns about new construction in coastal sites which are highly susceptible to major storms and flooding. After much consideration in recent months, the NPS has developed a path forward for future planning and development at its Flamingo and Everglades City sites, so that it occurs in a cost-effective, sustainable manner for these two important destinations in the park.

This direction acknowledges federal budget realities as well as the opportunities and challenges of building in low-lying, storm-prone places like Flamingo and Everglades City. Planning for future use will take seriously the risks of coastal development, while at the same time recognizing the importance these sites play in offering unique experiences for park visitors, meeting critical park operational needs, and supporting viable concessions operations. Related to these redevelopment efforts, existing or former buildings will be replaced with structures that meet NPS guidelines for new development at coastal sites. This may include downsized structures that are elevated, hardened and possibly "mobile/re-locatable" to provide the flexibility needed to respond to uncertain coastal conditions.

This reassessment has delayed the release of the Draft General Management Plan (GMP), a long-range planning effort that many of you have participated in over the years. Once sufficient information from these two projects is completed in 2012, those analyses will be integrated into the Draft GMP, which is projected for public review in 2013.

Throughout 2012 the park will provide status updates on the GMP and these related projects so that you have the latest information on the anticipated public release and review period of the Draft GMP.


Flamingo Redevelopment:
The new direction being developed for Flamingo will be used to support the issuance of a new, long-term concessions contract for Flamingo facilities and services, expected to be awarded in late 2013. As many of you know, the redevelopment of Flamingo was the subject of two recent planning efforts: the 2008 Commercial Services Plan (CSP)/ Environmental Assessment and the 2010 Flamingo Master Plan. An in-depth analysis in support of the next concessions contract is underway and is considering the public interest expressed during previous planning efforts and the decisions that were reached in the 2008 Flamingo CSP.

Gulf Coast Site Redevelopment:
For more details on this project and upcoming public meeting,
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Gulf Coast Visitor Center

Gulf Coast Visitor Center Site Redevelopment

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