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About the Everglades - Fun For Kids

Kids can have a great time exploring the Everglades with their families and friends. Take some time to look over some of the exhibits and films to be found at our different visitor centers. Participate in any one of our regularly scheduled ranger programs. Take a stroll along one of our trails in search of some amazing wildlife.

With a little work, kids can even become an Everglades National Park Junior Ranger!


Help for Students

If you are looking for information to help you prepare school projects and reports or even if you just want to explore the park before you visit, you can do so here, by Learning About the Everglades!

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Kids Exploring the Anhinga Trail
Jnr ranger logo

Junior Ranger Day

Lots of free activities celebrating Junior Rangers. All participants will become an Everglades Junior Ranger! At the Everglades, this special day will be March 21st, 2015.

Junior Ranger Day Flyer

Really, what is that on the tree?

FUN video series just for KIDS

So, what's it like to get knee-deep in freshwater? Is that gator winking at me? Join Laura, and other adventurers, as they checkout different habitats in a video series created just for kids! The "Everglades Mountains and Valleys" series might just blow your mind.

Student becomes ranger

NPS Photo by Jennifer Brown

Watch a short video to see how a student on 6th grade camping trip to the Everglades ended up becoming a park ranger !

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