• Many Glacier Hotel at Glacier National Park, Montana

    DSC Workflows

What's New

Date Section/Page/Item Changed Change Details
2-17-15 Design Standards Added the following:
  • Executive Order's (EO) > EO 13690 Federal Flood Risk Management Standard
  • Presidential Memoranda, Proclamations, & Plans > June 2013 The President's Climate Action Plan
  • Section Department of the Interior (DOI) Policies
  • Handbooks, Reference Manuals (RMs), Strategies, Plans, & other Professional Materials > A Call to Action: Preparing for a Second Century of Stewardship and Engagement August 25 2011; Climate Change Response Strategy 2010; & Green Parks Plan 2012
  • 1-27-15 Design Standards Added reference to NFPA 101 - Use when the IBC is silent.
    1-21-15 Forms/Template/Samples/Guidelines
    Added Park & PMIS fields.
    1-21-15 Workflows Definitions Updated definition
    Energy Use Estimate.
    1-20-15 Design Standards Added reference to Pest Prevention by Design, Authoritative Guidelines for Designing Pests Out of Structures (ICC) .
    1-9-15 Design-Build (DB) Added reference to the DB Start Work Notice.

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