• Many Glacier Hotel at Glacier National Park, Montana

    DSC Workflows

What's New

Date Section/Page/Item Changed Change Details



Added information regarding the Protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII)


Design Standards

Added new sections Architecture and Site Design and Accessibility Standards Supplemental Guidance.


Design Deliverables


Updated the Scope & Cost Validation Report template.
3-9-15 Design Standards
2-17-15 Design Standards Added:
1-27-15 Design Standards Added reference to NFPA 101 - Use when the IBC is silent.
1-21-15 Forms/Template/Samples/Guidelines
Added Park & PMIS fields.
1-21-15 Workflows Definitions Updated definition Energy Use Estimate.
1-20-15 Design Standards Added reference to Pest Prevention by Design, Authoritative Guidelines for Designing Pests Out of Structures (ICC) .
1-9-15 Design-Build (DB) Added reference to the DB Start Work Notice.

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