2.6.1 Beneficial Occupancy Inspection

Construction Management Representative (CMR)

  • Coordinate with contractor, park, and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) to determine who should be in attendance and sets the Beneficial Occupancy inspection date.
  • Conduct final inspection and Final Accessibility Inspection of that portion of the facility covered in the beneficial occupancy request.
  • Generate priced punch list.
  • Draft Beneficial Occupancy Inspection letter and forward electronic copy to COR.
  • Monitor punch list completion and notify COR when completed.
  • Before occupancy can occur, the DSC Safety Engineer and/or the Regional Structural Fire Management Officer (RSFMO) has to have accepted the fire and life safety systems and issued a preliminary Certificate of Occupancy. Utilize forms 2.6.1D through 2.6.1J as required.





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