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Commercial Use Authorizations

The National Parks Omnibus Management Act of 1998, Public Law 105-391 (Section 418), authorizes NPS, upon request, to issue commercial use authorizations to provide commercial services to park area visitors in limited circumstances. Permits in the form of Commercial Use Authorizations for these activities are required.

The Park Management Plan limits the total number of these Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs) to 30 within four categories: 1) guided fishing trips, 2) dive and/or snorkeling trips, 3) guided wildlife viewing trips and 4) sailing charters. Each CUA is issued for a two year period (the current period is 2014/2015).

Application period closed midnight Nov 30th 2013


Did You Know?

Sooty Tern in Flight

Between the months of March and September, some 100,000 sooty terns will come to nest on the islands of the Dry Tortugas. They are joined by brown noddies, roseate terns, double-crested cormorants and brown pelicans.