Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get to Dry Tortugas National Park?
The park is located roughly 70 miles west of Key West and is only accessible via seaplane or ferry. Several transportation options are currently available from Key West. More information on getting to the park may be found here.


Does Park have any lodging/groceries/freshwater available?
No, the Park does not provide any public lodging other than campground. There is also no grocery stores or fresh water available. Fuel of any type is also unavailable.


How can I get to Loggerhead Key?
Loggerhead Key is only accessible by private boat or charter. The dock is for government vessels only.


Is spearfishing or lobstering allowed in the park?
Neither spearfishing or lobstering is allowed in the Park. A speargun is also considered a weapon and must be broken down and components stored separately.


Can I have a firearm in the Park?
Carrying or possessing a loaded firearm is prohibited in federal facilities, including the fort. All other areas of the park is regulated by state law.


Are personal watercraft (jet skis) allowed in Park?
Personal watercraft are prohibited even as tenders.


Is there a public dock at Garden Key?
Yes, you may tie up to the dock for no more than 2 hours between sunrise and sunset with the following exceptions: From 10am to 3pm daily (due to ferry boats), and while park supply boat unloads cargo or unloads fuel. There may be other occasions when the dock is not accessible if this be the case when you arrive please contact park staff on VHF 16.


Does the park provide a shuttle service for boats anchored in the harbor?
No, but the park does provide a dinghy beach that may be used by visiting boaters to secure their dinghy as they visit Garden Key.


Does the park provide trash receptacles?
No, all visitors, campers, and boaters must pack out whatever trash they pack in.


Can I barter or trade with commercial fishermen for seafood?
No, bartering or trading for any type of goods with commercial fishermen is prohibited.


Is fishing allowed in the park?
Yes, sport fishing is permitted while lobstering and spearfishing are prohibited. Florida state fishing laws and regulations also apply as does Florida fishing license. Contact Park Ranger for areas closed to fishing.


What is the RNA?
RNA stands for Research Natural Area. This encompasses 46% of Dry Tortugas National Park. Implementation of RNA and its special regulations include areas closed to fishing and areas in which permits are required. For information contac us at (305) 242-7700 or email us.


What can campers bring with them on the commercial ferries?
Campers arriving aboard the Yankee Freedom II are limited to 60 lbs. of gear plus water. The ferry does not allow the transport of fuels such as propane, lighter fluid, or any other type of liquid fuel or gas. Instead, self-starting / lighting charcoal is recommended


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