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    Delaware Water Gap

    National Recreation Area NJ,PA

Getting Around

Which Gap?

Delaware Water Gap is the name of a geologic formation on the Delaware River; it is the name of a Pennsylvania village alongside the river and Gap; and it is the name of the national park that stretches from the geologic Gap northeast to Milford PA.



The park lies in a northeast-to-southwest direction, parallel with the river and with ridges of the Appalachian chain. The park is 35 miles from north to south and only about 5 miles wide; so, if you are near a bridge (see below), the closest facility to you may be on the other side of the river.

The north end of the park is in the tri-state area, where three states lie only steps apart: Pennsylvania is west of the Delaware River; New York and New Jersey, with an arbitrary boundary between them, are east of the river. (The view from High Point State Park encompasses all three states.) Interstate 84 and Route 6 thread east-west through the area; older and smaller state routes run northeast-southwest parallel the mountain ridges.

The south end of the park touches Interstate 80 where the Delaware River forms the border between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. At this point the Delaware River is running west to east, making New Jersey south of Pennsylvania. Route 611 in Pennsylvania is the best place to stop to see the Gap. There are three overlooks in the 4 miles of Route 611 bewteen the villages of Delaware Water Gap PA and Portland PA. (This is the same Route 611 that reaches the outskirts of Philadelphia PA, about 60 miles south.)


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