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  • Road Open to: Mile 30 (Teklanika River)

    The Denali Park Road is currently open to Mile 30, Teklanika River. If wintry conditions occur, the road may close at some point closer to the park entrance. More »


You Are Here

Use this view of walkways leading to the Murie Science and Learning Center (Winter Visitor Center) to share your next visit with family and friends back home. Once you notice a camera in an upper left window, call someone up by cell phone and wave as they watch for you @ go.nps.gov/youarehere


Alaska Railroad Depot

This view from high above the Denali Visitor Center is oriented to the southeast, across the park boundary in the middle distance to the Yanert River Valley beyond. In winter, this expanse is where the sun first emerges and lingers low over the horizon. (Image refreshes about once each minute.)
Screenshot from the puppy webcam, showing a puppy in front of a dog house

Sled Dog Puppies

Managers at the park kennels breed for one litter of puppies each year. This temporary camera will operate each year, starting when the pups are about three weeks old, after their eyes and ears have opened. In 2013, the camera went live in late May and was turned off in October. The camera will go live again in 2014, once the next litter of pups are born and are moving about.

You can also follow the happenings of the park sled dog kennels via their blog and by watching for periodic updates on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. Thanks for watching.
Mount McKinley

Park researchers studying air quality operate a visibility webcam looking toward Mount McKinley from Wonder Lake, about 85 miles from the park entrance. The webcam archives high resolution photos for visibility documentation, and runs on solar power.

Park Airstrip

As a year-round public service and safety measure for pilots, the Federal Aviation Administration hosts a webcam at the McKinley Park Airstrip adjacent to the Alaska Railroad depot, about a mile inside the park entrance. Images are generally updated every 10 minutes
Eielson Visitor Center

The FAA maintains a webcam at Eielson Visitor Center. The camera information contained on this website is a designated FAA supplementary product. Camera images are generally updated every 10 minutes. The time of the last update is indicated on each image. Current site conditions may differ from displayed images due to a variety of reasons; i.e., rapidly changing conditions, image update frequency, optical distortion, etc. As a supplementary product, these images may only be used to improve situational awareness.

Did You Know?

Image of fossilized, three-toed dinosaur print

In the summer of 2005 a footprint of a dinosaur was found in Denali National Park. The print has been identified as belonging to a three toed foot of a Cretaceous Theropod.