Webcam: Alaska Railroad Depot


Winter weather note

This camera is mounted atop the Denali Visitor Center, and is inaccessible in winter. It may become dramatically iced-over during winter storms that arrive from the southeast. We apologize for any disruptions in viewability - but please, keep checking back to see if the camera has cleared.

The Alaska Railroad Depot at Denali

During peak summer season at Denali, many hundreds of visitors come and go each day through the Alaska Railroad Depot. A southbound train arrives from Fairbanks around noon. A northbound train from Anchorage arrives around 4 pm. Other express trains arrive at other times on other days. In winter, the schedule is limited to weekends only, north from Anchorage on Saturdays, and south from Fairbanks on Sundays.

Historic black and white photo of park visitors and buses

P44-05-040A. Alaska State Library, Skinner Foundation Photograph Collection

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