• Chunks of melting sea ice along a shoreline and subsistence camps on the beach in the background.

    Cape Krusenstern

    National Monument Alaska

A Magical Landscape

North of the Arctic Circle, the monument forms 70 miles of shoreline on the Chukchi Sea.  More than 114 beach ridges provide evidence of human use for 5,000 years.  The Inupiat continue to use the area today.  Vast wetlands provide habitat for shorebirds from as far away as South America.  Hikers and boaters can see carpets of wildflowers among shrubs containing wisps of qiviut from muskoxen.

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Did You Know?

IMage of Musk Ox crossing landscape

Over 150 muskoxen live year-round on the Igichuk Hills of Cape Krusenstern National Monument. These native animals were extirpated by the late 1800s, but then reintroduced from muskox herds in Greenland.