• Chunks of melting sea ice along a shoreline and subsistence camps on the beach in the background.

    Cape Krusenstern

    National Monument Alaska


Getting There

Cape Krusenstern National Monument lies within a remote area of northwest Alaska and is bordered by the Arctic Ocean and Chukchi Sea.

Visitors generally access the monument via the regional hub in Kotzebue. Commercial airlines provide daily service from Fairbanks or Anchorage, to Kotzebue. Chartered flights with licensed air taxi services, booked in advance, can take backcountry travelers to remote destinations within the monument.

Summer access may include motorized/non-motorized watercraft, aircraft, or by foot. (Note: traveling by foot in the summer would be an arduous, roundabout journey.) Options for winter access include snowmobile, aircraft, or foot.

Did You Know?

Image of the beach ridges of Cape Krusenstern as seen from the air

The beach ridges of Cape Krusenstern National Monument record the changing shorelines of the Chukchi Sea? They also record in time sequence an estimated 4,000 years of prehistoric human use of the coastline. More...