Examine the Mysteries of the Ruins

Hand-on learning with fees waived and materials provided! Learn about Hohokam Culture agriculture and plant use, Hohokam Culture trade, and the building and use of the Casa Grande. Reservations 3 weeks in advance required. Student activities are outdoors- plan morning visits. Program requires at least one and one half hours; we prefer two hours. Come explore!


Macaw puppet is one of the stars of the puppet show

Puppets and Preservation

Younger students (K-2) learn about preservation, protection, and the Hohokam Culture through a puppet show and other age appropriate activities

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weaving a yarn basket with craft foam

Culture, Crafts, Corn

What would life be like back in the time of the Ancestral Desert People? Work on chores, crafts, and games 1350s style (grades 3 to 5)

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students stretch paper timelines along modern wall

Talking Timelines

Where does the Hohokam Culture fit into our history? How did the Ancient Desert People's accomplishments compare to other contemporary cultures?

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