For More Than 650 Years the Casa Grande Has Stood as a Meeting Place and Landmark

Explore the mystery and complexity of an extended network of communities and irrigation canals. An Ancient Sonoran Desert People's farming community and "Great House" are preserved at Casa Grande Ruins. Whether the Casa Grande was a gathering place for the Desert People or simply a waypoint marker in an extensive system of canals and trading partners is but part of the mystique of the Ruins

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One of the earliest photographs of the Great House

Sivan Vah‘Ki or the Casa Grande

The 4 story Great House was built by hand long long ago. This monolith is a sentinel in the Sonoran Desert. Who built it, how, and why?

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A park visitor scratches her own 'petroglyph' into a plaster 'rock'

Education and Adventure in Your National Park

Visits to the Casa Grande Ruins can be a personal or family project, scouting outings, part of bus tours, or a classroom journey. Start your fun here

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The ruins in the corner of Compound A are often overlooked, except by children

More than a Single ‘Ruin’

Compound A includes multiple foundations, Great House, and an encircling wall. An ancient ballcourt is near the picnic area. Other secrets abound

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Rona Yellow Robe performing on the Native American Flute

A Continuing Focus and Gathering Point

Special festivals are only one kind of Monument special events. Celebrate Archeology Month, National Park Week and other happenings

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YCC worker in tan Youth Conservation Corp t-shirt and straw hat

Teens Find Work, Inspiration

From volunteer work to Youth Conservation Corp employment with a dash of hands-on demonstrations thoughout, there is something for teens at this park

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Great Horned Owls often nest over the Casa Grande

Challenges of Nature

The unique environment of the Sonoran Desert continues to amaze and confound

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