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USS Constitution

USS Constitution firing her cannons.
Following the Revolution, the nation's citizens proved their willingness to defend their newfound freedom and economic independence through the development and support of a navy. From 1800 to 1974, Charlestown Navy Yard built, repaired, and outfitted U.S. naval vessels. Today the yard is home to USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world, and the USS Constitution Museum. USS Cassin Young, refitted and modernized in the yard's drydock, represents the type of ship built in the yard during World War II.

USS Constitution is operated by the U.S. Navy in cooperation with the National Park Service. Learn more about Constitution by visiting the USS Constitution.

The USS Constitution Museum is located in the Charlestown Navy Yard near the ship.

The Naval Historical Center Detachment Boston, housed in Building 24 in the Charlestown Navy Yard is responsible for the maintenance, repair and restoration of USS Constitution.

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Did You Know?

Old North Church Steeple

Did you know that Old North Church's steeple has been replaced twice since the display of the signal lanterns on April 18, 1775? In neither case was the downfall caused by revolution, but by a mighty wind, a nameless storm of October, 1804, and Hurricane Carol, August, 1954.