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Paul Revere House

Paul Revere House
Boston's oldest residential neighborhood, the North End, contains some of the city's oldest buildings. The Paul Revere House is the oldest in downtown Boston. Built in 1680, it was owned and occupied by Paul Revere and his family most of the time from 1770 to 1800. Today it is operated, along with the neighboring Pierce-Hitchborn House, as a house museum by the Paul Revere Memorial Association, which restored the dwelling in 1908 after it had been used for a number of different purposes, including a cigar factory and bank.

The Paul Revere Memorial Association, a private, non-profit organization, operates both the Paul Revere and Pierce/Hitchborn Houses.

Hours: For more information visit the Paul Revere House.
Admission: Small fee for each house; combination tickets available. Call (617) 523-2338 for more information

Did You Know?

Boston Tea Party from Library of Congress Collection

Did you know that not until 1835 did folks start referring to the event of December 16, 1773 as "The Boston Tea Party?" For the previous 62 years, the event had been called just what it obviously was, "The Destruction of The Tea.