• Great Kiva with Walls of West Ruin

    Aztec Ruins

    National Monument New Mexico

Plan Your Visit

In addition to self-guided experiences, Aztec Ruins has a number of regular programs and special events going on throughout the year.

Goods, services, and accommodations to support your ancestral Pueblo explorations at Aztec Ruins are available in the nearby cities of Aztec, Bloomfield, Farmington, and Durango.

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Ranger-Guided Tour
Visitors enjoying a free ranger-guided tour.
NPS Photo

Did You Know?

Inside the Great Kiva

A place of ceremony, social interaction, and council the Great Kiva was the core of an ancient Pueblo community at Aztec Ruins. Centrally located within the plaza of the West Ruin, this is the largest reconstructed “great kiva” anywhere.