• Great Kiva with Walls of West Ruin

    Aztec Ruins

    National Monument New Mexico


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Aztec Ruins Trail Access
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Mobility-Impaired Assistance
: The visitor center, restrooms, picnic tables, and much of the trail are wheelchair accessible. The antechamber looking down into the Great Kiva accommodates most wheelchairs 29" wide or less. Visitors can also borrow a park wheelchair at the visitor center. An adobe.pdf accessibility map of trail areas is available at the top of this page.

Hearing-Impaired Assistance: A printed trail guide is available for the self-guided tour. The regularly presented video program plays in open-caption format. Headphones are available at the information desk for "assisted audio."

Sight-Impaired Assistance: A sculpture of West Ruin and replica artifacts are available for handling in the visitor center. Large print trail guides aid visitors with limited vision. Headphones are available at the information desk that provide "assisted descriptive" services for the regularly presented video program.

Did You Know?

Earl Morris

When he was only six years old, Earl Morris became intrigued with Southwest archeological sites including Aztec Ruins. Years later, after graduating from the University of Colorado, he began excavations at Aztec Ruins for the American Museum of Natural History.