Hikers on the Double Arch trail

Hikers return from a visit to Double Arch


Winter Advisory

Snow and ice can make trail conditions treacherous. Be aware of the weather, and wear traction devices when hiking. Read more about visiting in winter.

Arches contains a variety of hiking trails, many of which are considered easy to moderate. Trails provide access to outstanding viewpoints and arches not visible from the road. In some cases, trails travel under arches, affording quite a unique perspective on the park's namesake features.

Watch Your Step!
Help us protect biological soil crusts during your visit. Please walk only on trails, rock or in sandy washes (where water flows when it rains), and keep all vehicles and bikes on designated roads.

Protect Your Park - Keep off the Arches.
To promote visitor safety and the opportunity to view natural features undisturbed, climbing, scrambling, walking or standing upon, or rappelling off any arch is prohibited in the park.


Round-trip DistanceTime, ElevationDescription


Balanced Rock

0.3 mi
(0.5 km)

20 minutes

Loop trail around the base of picturesque rock formation


1 mi
(1.6 km)

45 minutes

Climb yields views of three massive arches, with slightly longer and uneven return option

Double Arch

0.5 mi
(0.8 km)

20 minutes

Flat, sandy trail leads to base of the tallest arch in the park

Delicate Arch Viewpoints

100 yards

(91 m) or

0.5 mi

(0.8 km)

10 minutes or

30 minutes

Wheelchair-accessible view of arch at a distance. Climb to second viewpoint is moderately strenuous and affords slightly better view of arch.

Sand Dune Arch

0.3 mi

(0.5 km)

20 minutes

Cross deep sand to secluded arch among fins of rock. Do not climb or jump off arch.

Broken Arch Loop

2 mi
(3.2 km)

60 minutes

From Sand Dune or campground, cross meadows and slickrock to two more arches.

Skyline Arch

0.4 mi

(0.6 km)

15 minutes

Short hike on flat trail to arch that doubled in size overnight in 1940.

Landscape Arch

1.6 mi

(2.6 km)

50 minutes

Flat, popular trail to longest arch in park. Side trips to Tunnel and Pine Tree arches.

Courthouse Wash Rock Art

1 mi

(1.6 km)

40 minutes

From Highway 191 near Colorado River, brief climb up to prehistoric rock art panel


Park Avenue

2 mi

(3.2 km)

1.5 hours,

320 ft / 98m

Steep descent into spectacular canyon. With a second driver, can hike just one way and be picked up at other end.


Tower Arch

3.4 mi

(5.5 km)

2.5 hours

From unpaved road, climb steeply and then cross through fins and sand dunes to arch.

Delicate Arch

3 mi

(4.8 km)

2.5 hours

480 ft / 146m

Exposed climb with no shade and 200-yard (183-m) rock ledge at end. Follow cairns.

Not recommended in peak summer heat.
Parking may be limited spring through fall.

Double O Arch

4.2 mi

(6.8 km)

2.5 hours

Narrow ledges, exposure, rocky climbing. Spur trails to Partition and Navajo arches.

Devils Garden (full loop)

7.2 mi

(11.6 km)

4 hours

Narrow ledges, exposure, steep climbing, and few trail markers on Primitive section.

Not recommended when wet or snowy.

Fiery Furnace


(no marked trail)

Permit required. No marked trails, signs, or maps. Join a ranger-led tour or obtain a permit for a fee. Requires agility and careful navigation.

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