Cars on Arches road


Arches National Park is located in southeast Utah:
  • 5 miles north of Moab, Utah
  • 110 miles southwest of Grand Junction, Colorado
  • 236 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 360 miles southwest of Denver, Colorado
  • 350 miles north of Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim

Travel by Plane
Commercial airlines serve Grand Junction, Moab and Salt Lake City.

Travel by Bus
Nationwide bus service is available to Green River, Utah (50 miles from Moab) and Grand Junction.

Commercial bus drivers: Please read this page before coming to Arches.

Travel by Train
Amtrak stops at Grand Junction and Green River.

Shuttles & Taxis
Commercial van services and taxis operate between Grand Junction, Moab and other destinations.For additional information on transportation options in and around Moab, contact the Grand County Travel Council.

Getting Around in the Park
Most visits to Arches involve traveling by vehicle along the scenic drive, which provides access to many viewpoints and trailheads. More...

Some times of year, or even times of day, are far busier than others. Check the Traffic & Travel Trips page for suggestions on avoiding the crowds.

Did You Know?