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    National Park Utah


These publications are freely distributed by the National Park Service. You may download your own copies to bring with you on your visit. All require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Park Map [200k PDF File]
General, four-color map handed out at the entrance station.

Visitor Guide [2.7mb PDF file]
The official newspaper of Arches National Park. Eight pages of feature articles and visit recommendations. Full color. Includes park map.

Camping Options
Area Campground Information
[753k PDF File]
An overview of camping options on public lands around Moab (includes map).

Backpacking Information [645k PDF file]
A review of the regulations, permit requirements, and park locations open to overnight camping.

Alphabetical List [23k PDF File]
List sorted by bloom date [23k PDF File]
List sorted by bloom month [30k PDF File]

Foreign Language Information
Chinese [1.6mb PDF File]
Dutch [1.2mb PDF File]
French [1.3mb PDF File]
German [1.2mb PDF File]
Italian [1.2mb PDF File]
Japanese [1.6mb PDF File]
Spanish [1.2mb PDF File]

Other Park Information
Bear Safety [711k PDF File]
Did you know that Arches is bear country? Black bears wander into the park from nearby mountains.

Gnats [122k PDF File]
A little background information on one of the park's least favorite insects.

Human History [222k PDF File]
An introduction to the cultural history of Arches. Fits on legal-size paper. This publication is also available as an HTML document.

Junior Ranger Booklet [5mb PDF File]
Filled with fun activities, this 12-page booklet reveals the wonders of Arches to kids and parents alike.

Lost Spring Canyon [207k PDF File]
Details about this 1998 addition to Arches.

Outdoor Education Curriculum [various PDF files]
Outlines of field trips used by the Canyon Country Outdoor Education Program for grades one through six.

Student Information [14mb PDF file]
Preparing a report on Arches? Our student information provides a great introduction to the park. Print quality.

Tour Bus Information [224mb PDF file]
Bringing a tour bus to Arches? This two-page brochure lists places to go, places to avoid and special considerations for operating a tour bus in the park.

Trail Guides
Devils Garden [464k PDF file]
Wolfe Ranch [172k PDF file]

Did You Know?

proposed wilderness

Nearly 96% of Arches is recommended for wilderness designation. Though the recommendation has not been approved by Congress, the park is required to manage those 73,312 acres as though they were formally designated wilderness. More...