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Boaters Paradise
From open water to narrow, steeply walled canyons, Amistad NRA is a great place for boating. The park boundary extends 74 miles up the Rio Grande, 25 miles up the Devils River and 14 miles up the Pecos River. Protected coves abound, providing superb fishing and ideal camping spots. Amistad is an international reservoir. The United States-Mexico border is marked by buoys that follow the historic channel of the Rio Grande.


Lake Use Fees
Amistad NRA charges a "Lake Use Fee" for all watercraft requiring State registration. Lake use fees for the US side of Amistad Reservoir are $4/day (24 hours from time of purchase) or $40 for an annual permit. The annual permit is good for one year from the month of purchase. Amistad NRA also offers a "3 day" (72 hours from time of purchase) lake use permit for $10.

Senior and Access Pass holders are entitled to a 50% discount on user fees.

Boating permits can be purchased at Amistad Visitor Information Center 7 days a week from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., or at automated teller machines located at Diablo East, Rough Canyon, and the Pecos boat ramps.

Mexican Permits
For current Mexico boat permit and fishing license information, go to www.conapescasandiego.org or call 619.233.4324.

Information on Mexican permits can also be obtained at:
Amistad Marine (Ranger boat dealer on Hwy 90 West across from Spur 454), (830)775-0878

Launch Ramps
The main launch ramps are located at Diablo East, Rough Canyon, Box Canyon, and Southwinds (LAFB) Marina. Ramps are also available at Blackbrush Point, 277 North, 277 South, Spur 406, Spur 454 and the Pecos River. Depending on lake conditions, these ramps may or may not be open. more»

Water Skiing
Water-skiing is permitted at Lake Amistad. There is no commercial skiing available, so you must bring you own boat and skis.

When skiing, please be courteous to all others on the lake and ski safely by staying out of dangerous and shallow areas, and by learning hand signals to communicate with your driver and spotter. Always wear a PFD and never ski under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Avoid fatigue; know when enough is enough and listen to your body. Skiing all day in the hot sun can lead to injuries. It is your responsibility to know all boating safety rules and regulations.

Houseboat slip rentals are available at Lake Amistad Marina at Diablo East, and Rough Canyon Marina.

Diablo East Marina (830) 774-4157
Rough Canyon Marina (830) 775-8779
Southwinds (LAFB) Marina (830) 775-7800

Did You Know?

American and Mexican bronze eagles monument ontop the Amistad Dam.

Lake Amistad is a binational reservoir shared by the U.S. and Mexico. The international boundary is marked with buoys up the middle of the Rio Grande channel. The word Amistad is Spanish for the "friendship" between the two countries.