Presidential Proclamation 1549, December 19, 1919, states in part: "Whereas there is in Montezuma County, Colorado, on the eastern slope of the Sleeping Ute Mountain an imposing pile of masonry of great archeological value, relic of the prehistoric inhabitants of that part of the country...there is hereby reserved and set apart as a national monument, to be known as Yucca House National Monument". The monument was established "with a view to the preservation of said ruin and preservation is deemed to be in the public interest."

Through a continuing tradition of public and private cooperation, Yucca House National Monument preserves a Montezuma Valley Ancestral Pueblo site and remains unexcavated, preserving its archeological integrity and beauty for future generations of scientists and visitors. As the science of archeology matures, it may contain keys to unlocking understanding of American Indian Heritage.

The monument is under the management of the superintendent and staff at Mesa Verde National Park. At present there is no permanent staff stationed at the monument and there are limited facilities at the monument. Interested visitors can obtain information from Mesa Verde National Park about the monument's location and opportunities.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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