Preserving an Ancestral Pueblo Community Center

Yucca House National Monument preserves a large unexcavated pueblo with a stunning setting in Montezuma Valley, nestled between Mesa Verde and Ute Mountain. Since Yucca House was protected as a national monument in 1919, it has remained largely untouched, offering intrepid visitors a sense of discovery and preserving the pueblo's beauty and integrity for future generations.

Lush grasses grow near a spring in front of Mesa Verde's escarpment and looming storm clouds
Visiting Yucca House

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View of archeological site with neighboring farms in the background
Directions to Yucca House

You will be driving dirt roads and through private land to Yucca House. Follow directions carefully, and be respectful of private property.

Collared lizard on rock
Discover the Natural Side of Yucca House

At only 35 acres, a surprising number of different plant and animal species can be found at Yucca House National Monument.

Four clam and oyster fossils of Yucca House
Fossils of Yucca House

Four clam and oyster fossils of Yucca House

Last updated: November 4, 2021

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