Donoho Basin Group Camping

Camping on the Root Glacier side of Donoho Basin


If you and your group are going to camp in the Donoho Basin area of the park, your group is required to register with the park. The information on this page explains the process and why the park is requiring your group to register. For parties that are less than 8 people, registration is NOT required.

Why Group Size Limits?
Due to a high amount of incidents of bear/human conflicts over the past several years, the park decided to implement group size restrictions starting in May 2010. Public meetings were held and based on these comments, a group size limit 12 people was agreed upon. The minimum size for a group is 8 people for registration. For commercial groups or guided groups who possess a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA), the size limit is 12 clients with a minimum of 1 guide per 6 clients.

How to Register my Group
If your group is 8 or more but less than 12, you can register by email at or call the Kennecott Visitor Center.

The information that the park needs to complete your registration is the name of your group, how many people, and the dates that your group will be camping in Donoho Basin.

Donoho Basin Group Camping Regulations (pdf format, 383 KB)
In addition to registering your group, it is the responsibility of the group leader and the members of the group to read and understand the regulations, leave no trace practices and food storage requirements. This can take place by either downloading a copy of the regulations and printing them or obtaining a copy from the visitor center.

The group leader must sign and be in possession of the regulations while traveling to and camping in Donoho Basin. It is the responsibility of the group leader that all members of their party understand and follow the regulations. We hope that you have a great time while visiting the Donoho Basin area of the park.

Last updated: January 10, 2022

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