Brochures, Maps, Newspaper & Passport Stamp

Brochures and maps
The following links provide access to many of our most popular maps, brochures, and informational leaflets.
cover park brochure

Park Brochure (pdf format, 1.9 MB)
Official WRST park map (unigrid)


NPS Maps

Wrangell-St. Elias area Map (pdf format, 1.9 MB)
map of the park and surrounding area

National Park System Map and Guide (pdf format, 30.4 MB)
map of all USA national park units

National Parklands in Alaska (pdf format, 476 KB)
map of all Alaska national park units

Subsistence Maps
maps with subsistence boundaries

Park Information

Park Newspaper
Go to this web page to download a copy of The K'elt'aeni, the official park trip-planning newspaper & visitor's guide.

Park Fact Sheet (pdf format, 81 KB)
Size, visitation, facilities, natural features, etc.

WRST Passport Digital Cancellation stamp 2021

NPS / Eastern National

Find Your Virtual Park

If you can't visit the park in-person to get your passport cancellation stamp, take a virtual tour of our website and collect this special collector's cancellation stamp!

Download, print, cut-out your date stamp, and attach it to your National Parks Passport book. (Right-click on the stamp, choose 'save image as' to download).

For passport cancellation stamps from other national parks, visit the Eastern National website.

WRST Junior Ranger Passport Stamp NPS 2021

NPS / Eastern National

Junior Ranger NPS Passport Cancellation stamp

Special Virtual collector's date stamp (to download, right-click on the stamp and choose 'save image as').

NPS Passport stamps

NPS Passport Cancellation Stamps

Click on the image or the title to download each stamp from the photo gallery.

Copper River Valley Map
Copper River Valley Map

Artist David Mudrick

Copper River Valley Map

This fun map of the Copper River Valley is featured on the Country Journal 2020 website. The original black and white version of the map David published was in the Weld’s Copper River Country Journal in 1987.

Copper River Basin panoramic

Copper River Basin shaded relief panoramic, Tom Patterson
Shaded relief maps for US Geological Society (USGS)

Malaspina relief map Tom Peterson 2021

Malaspina Glacier shaded relief panoramic, Tom Paterson

Last updated: September 7, 2021

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