Sewer Line Contract Available On-Line

March 12, 2004

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The contract between Wind Cave National Park and the City of Hot Springs concerning a proposed sewer line is now available on-line, Park Superintendent Linda L. Stoll announced Friday. This project calls for the construction of an approximately 10-mile long sewer line to connect the park’s developed area with the City’s municipal system. The National Park Service (NPS) will build the first four miles of line. The City has agreed to build the 5.7-mile segment from the park’s southern boundary into the city using funds provided by the NPS.

Superintendent Stoll said, “Many people have expressed interest in the contract. We thought by posting it on the web, it would allow everyone a chance to view the document and know the details of the agreement between the City and the National Park Service.”

The contract calls for the NPS to pay $2,000 to certify that the current municipal plant can handle the additional annual 2.5 million gallons of wastewater, or the equivalent of thirty single-family homes. This additional amount of wastewater is less than 2% of the plant’s capability. The contract stipulates a registered professional engineer will design the City’s 5.7-mile long line for $103,000.

To date, the municipal plant has passed certification and engineering drawings for the sewer line have been submitted to the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources for approval. The City will be paid $850,000 for the actual construction of the gravity-fed line from the park’s boundary to the City, with a completed date of November 30, 2004.

In a resolution passed in February of 2002, the City agreed to charge the park the same monthly rate as a commercial user in town. “Should our monthly user fees not cover the City’s additional operational and line maintenance costs, we stand ready to pay the additional costs, prorated as other users hook into the line, if the City should ask for it,” Stoll added.

To view a copy of the contract, and to read other documents concerning the wastewater project, visit

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