Planning Begins for New Fire Cache

November 21, 2003

Tom Farrell, 605-745-1130

Wind Cave National Park is initiating a planning process to correct problems with the park’s fire cache. The current cache is confined to a single bay and during the fire season the fire crew frequently must move equipment outdoors to work due to lack of space. Storage in lofts and overhead areas also creates unsafe working conditions. Administrative space is limited to a single desk, telephone, and computer.

Superintendent Linda L. Stoll said, “The park needs a small structure to house the fire cache which supports the wildland fire suppression crew and the other red-carded employees of the park. This new building would serve as the park’s wildland fire operations center for fire readiness. This facility would better facilitate fire operations and serve the park and surrounding area in rapid response and deployment to wildfire situations.”

Alternatives currently under review include constructing a small structure to house the fire cache and provide office space for the park wildland fire staff. The structure would provide approximately 700 square feet of space with outside dimensions of approximately 20 feet by 30 feet. The structure would be constructed in a manner to match the appearance of the existing structures to maintain a uniformity of design and style. The current structure would continue to house the two type VI wildland fire engines, the type III water tender, fire tools and shop.

During this early planning phase, the park is requesting public input regarding the alternatives being considered, issues or concerns related to the proposed alternatives, and any new alternatives that should be considered. Please send your comments to Wind Cave National Park Superintendent, RR 1 Box 190, Hot Springs, SD 57747 or via e-mail to

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