A bull elk on a hill.
A bull elk on a hillside.



The establishment of Wind Cave National Game Preserve in 1912 brought the reintroduction of bison, elk, and pronghorn to the park. That legacy of wildlife protection continues to this day with the recent reintroduction of the black-footed ferret. To find more information on the animal species found in the park, scroll down and click the links.

A coyote in tall grass.


Wind Cave National Park is home to many native prairie mammals, large and small.

A meadowlark perching on a fence.


Due to Wind Cave National Park's proximity to the geographic center of the continent, a diverse array of birds can be found here.

A leopard frog.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Though a challenging environment, the prairie at Wind Cave provides habitat for several species of reptile and amphibian.

A ranger points in the distance as visitors look on.

Watching Wildlife

Viewing wildlife in the park is an enriching activity, if you know where to look. Follow our guidance on how to find Wind Cave's diversity.

Last updated: August 10, 2019

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