Legislation Pertaining to Wind Cave National Park

Federal Legislation

JANUARY 9, 1903 -- Establishment Act

  1. established boundaries
  2. provided authorization to Secretary of the Interior to manage the lands and underlying caverns as well as to establish such services as deemed necessary

AUGUST 10, 1912 -- National Game Preserve Act

  1. established a National Game Preserve at Wind Cave NP
  2. established a national range for a herd of bison to be presented by the American Bison Society

MARCH 4, 1931 -- Boundary Expansion

  1. expanded the park boundaries by 1,200 acres to provide water resources for the reserve's wildlife
  2. stated that Wind Cave NP now subject to all laws and regulations applicable to such a park

AUGUST 28, 1931 -- Water Source Purchase

  1. purchased deed to 101 acres, 10-foot right-of-way and access easement for domestic water supply

JUNE 15, 1935 -- End of Dual Management

  1. abolished National Game Preserve effective July 1, 1935, transferring land to Wind Cave NP
  2. stated that lands still subject to laws and regulations expressed in the act to establish the game preserve

JUNE 16, 1938 -- Surplus Wildlife Disposal Act

  1. authorized the Secretary of Interior to sell or otherwise dispose of surplus buffalo and elk
  2. stated the all monies received from the sale would be deposited in the US Treasury as miscellaneous receipts
  3. stated that most of the surplus animals would be given to Indians or charitable institutions for food or for starting herds of their own

AUGUST 9, 1946 -- Boundary Expansion

  1. expanded the park form 11,718 to 28,059 acres from former Recreation Demonstration Lands
  2. conveyed Section 25 to the State of South Dakota as State School Lands
  3. provided for a minimum of 10,000 gallons of water per day to pass from Custer State Park to Wind Cave NP

NOVEMBER 10,1978 -- Boundary Expansion

  1. added approximately 232 acres to the southern boundary
  2. Congress appropriated funds in 1980 and 1987
  3. property purchased in November, 1987 subject to egress and ingress and a right-of-way easements

State of South Dakota Legislation

MARCH 8, 1947 -- Highways Relinquished to Wind Cave NP

  1. relinquished to US use, construction and maintenance of the portions of public highways within Wind Cave NP
  2. ceded the jurisdiction of the highways to the US

FEBRUARY 27, 1980 -- Concurrent Jurisdiction

  1. ceded to Wind Cave NP, Mount Rushmore NM, Badlands NP and Jewel Cave NM concurrent jurisdiction
  2. accepted by the NPS through letter to governor

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