Water in the Environment

Have you ever pondered the power of water? Learning about water is exciting at Wind Cave National Park. The park is one of the few places on the planet where students can observe the travels of water through the soil, through the cave, and into our groundwater.

Students participating in this comprehensive hydrology program will be involved in activities that will provide them with an understanding of the water cycle. These hands-on activities demonstrate how much of the planet is made of water and how scarce fresh water is. By investigating the watershed over the cave, students learn that how easily ground water can be polluted. They will build an understanding of why we must protect the land and the water.

This program is part of Wind Cave National Park's Environmental Education Program. The program provides teachers with an opportunity to use the park as a classroom to support the curriculum they use in their daily lessons. Learning comes alive at Wind Cave National Park because students can investigate issues about the environment first hand.

Teachers will be provided with a pre- and post-visit activity packet so the students will be prepared for their visit to the park. Together, park rangers and students will investigate the critical issues surrounding water in our environment.

We invite your classroom to join us for a 4-5 hour program These programs are offered in May each year. Contact the park at (605) 745-4600 to make a reservation. Teachers may also request a curriculum guide that they can use independently in their classroom to study Water in The Evironment.

Last updated: February 2, 2019

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