Suggested Reading

Thank you for your interest in information about Wind Cave National Park. If you are interested in learning more about various aspects of the park, you may want to read some of the following books.

* Denotes books that are geared toward younger readers.

National Park System

The Complete Guide to America's National Parks, National Park Foundation.

Geology of National Parks, 4th Ed., Ann G. Harris and Esther Tuttle.

National Park Service, The Story Behind the Scenery, Albright, Dickinson & Mott.

Our National Parks, Reader's Digest.

Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave, An Ancient World Beneath the Hills, Arthur Palmer.

Wind Cave, The Story Behind the Scenery, Ronald A. Terry.

Wind Cave National Park, The First 100 Years, Peggy Sanders.

Black Hills Natural History

The Black Hills, R.M. Feldmann and R.A. Heimlich.

Natural History of Black Hills and Badlands, Sven Froiland.

Island in the Plains, Edward Raventon.

Prairie Ecology

The Prairie World, David Costello.

The Great Plains, Walter P. Webb.


A Golden Guide to Geology, * Frank T. Rhodes.

Geology of the Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming, 2nd Ed., Edited by F.J. Rich.

Roadside Geology of South Dakota, J.P. Gries.

Rocks and Minerals, Charles A. Sorrell.


Caves, * Ron Kerbo.

Caves, Stephen Kramer.

One Small Square Cave, * Donald Silver.

The Science of Speleology, Edited by T.D. Ford and C.H.D. Cullingford.

Speleology, The Study of Caves, George Moore and G. Nicholas Sullivan.

Underground Worlds, D.D. Jackson.

Cave Minerals, Carol Hill.

The Life of the Cave, * C.E. Mohr & T.L. Poulson.


America's Neighborhood Bats, Merlin D. Tuttle.

Bats, M. Brock Fenton

Bats, * Dee Stuart.

The Bat House Builder's Book, Merlin Tuttle and Donna Hensley

Bats, Swift Shadows in the Twilight, Ann Cooper

Stellaluna, *Jenell Cannon

Field Guides

Western Forests, Stephen Whitney.

Grasslands, Lauren Brown.

Wildflowers, Grasses and Other Plants of the Northern

Plains and Black Hills, Theodore Van Bruggen.

The Visitor's Guide to the Birds of the Central National Parks, Roland H. Wauer.

Mountain State Mammals, Ron Russo

Golden Guide to Insects, * Herbert Zim and Clarence Cottam.

Plants of the Black Hills and Bear Lodge Mountains, Gary E. Larson and James R. Johnson.

Prairie Wildflowers, Dr. Dee Strickler.

Environmental Education

Keepers of the Night, Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac.

Protecting Our World, * Brooks and Khanduri.

Sharing Nature with Children, Joseph Cornell.

Prehistoric Inhabitants

An Invitation to Archeology, James Deetz.

Introduction to Archeology, James Hester and James Greedy.

Prehistoric Hunters of the Black Hills, E. Steve Cassells.

Peoples of Prehistoric South Dakota, Larry Zimmerman.

Recent settlements

Story of the Great American West, Reader's Digest Association.

Gold in the Black Hills, Watson Parker.

A Pictographic History of the Oglala Sioux, Helen Blish.

A History of the Dakota or Sioux Indians, Doane Robinson.


Exploring the Black Hills, Hiram Rogers.

Hiking Trails in the Black Hills, Mildred Fielder.

The U.S. Outdoor Atlas and Recreation Guide, John Oliver Jones.

A Birdwatcher's Guide to the Black Hills, Richard A. Peterson.


Adventure is Underground, Dr. W.R. Halliday.

Caving Basics, editor G. Thomas Rea.

Exploring American Caves, Franklin Folsom.

Native American

Red Cloud’s Folk, A History of the Oglala Sioux Indians, George E. Hyde.

The Lakota Way, Stories and Lessons for Living, Joseph M. Marshall III.

Black Elk Speaks, John G. Neihardt.

Walking in the Sacred Manner, Mark St. Pierre and Tilda Long Soldier.

You should be able to find these books in your local library. The Black Hills Parks and Forests Association also carries most of these books for sale. For a title and price list contact the Association at:

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