Whitman Mission National Historic Site has been a location for students to come and be immersed in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Each year about 5,000 students come on field trips to the park to learn about the Whitmans, the Cayuse, the Oregon Trail and other areas of history, culture, wildlife and more!

Our ranger led educational programs focus on:

  • Providing opportunities for the students to form emotional and intellectual connections with park resources and themes
  • Introducing students to the National Park Service mission and to the events at Whitman Mission as a critical point in North American history
  • Providing curriculum-based, outdoor education experiences that are age appropriate and supplement classroom learning objectives
  • Introducing students to the value of protecting cultural and natural resources for current and future generations, and to encourage actions we can all take to be good stewards of this special place.

Want to take a field trip to Whitman Mission?

We love field trips! We schedule over 50 field trips a year to Whitman Mission NHS. It's never too early to contact us to set up a field trip for your class. To sign up for a field trip, go to our "Planning a Field Trip" page below.



Resources for Your Classroom:

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Primarily Me

Learn about primary sources through these activities related to Whitman Mission National Historic Site!

A wagon train moves from right to left on a grass hill, a grey sky behind them.
Watch the Park's Film

The park's 25-minute film is a great introduction to a complex multi-cultural history

vertical wooden sign "Tamastslikt Cultural Institute" with 3 drawings: a paw print, fish, and horse
Tamástslikt Cultural Institute

Explore the educational resources from the museum at Tamástslikt Cultural Institute at the Umatilla Indian Reservation!

Blue sky and clouds over fields of tallgrass and mountains in the distance
Teacher's Guide - The Cayuse Perspective

This teacher guide was written to provide a Cayuse perspective on the history of Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

A ranger stands at a table at an outdoor event
Become a Junior Ranger

Become a Junior Ranger at Whitman Mission National Historic Site!

Last updated: May 6, 2023

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