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Chattahoochee River National Water Trail

The water trail encompasses the existing Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, a linear park in the Atlanta-metro area. It includes 48 miles of river, over 70 miles of hiking trails, and 18 developed access areas.

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Alabama Scenic River Trail

The Alabama Scenic River Trail is the longest river trail in a single state. It passes through the heart of Alabama from northeast to southwest and in doing so, takes boaters through a wide variety of terrain, flora and fauna. 

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Bronx River Blueway

The Bronx River Blueway passes directly through the New York Botanical gardens, the Bronx River Forest, cityscapes, and the Bronx Zoo and offers a variety of recreational and cultural opportunities and events.

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Hudson River Greenway Water Trail

The Hudson River Greenway Water Trail is designed for day-users as well as long-distance paddlers. It includes 94 designated access sites, wildlife marshes, islands, historic sites, cities, downtowns, and hiking trails.

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Island Loop Route, the

Begin at North River Road Park in Fort Gratiot Township.  Enter the water by using the American Disabities Act (ADA) Kayak launch.  Head downstream in the Black River 0.4 miles and turn east into the Black River Canal. Paddle 1.1 miles, passing under the Taintor Gate at the entrance to Lake Huron.  Turn right (south) in the lake and navigate under the Blue Water Bridges, into the St. Clair River.  Stick near the Michigan shoreline.  Avoid the center of the river, which is the International shipping channel.  Distance from the bridges to the mouth of the Black River is 2 miles. Turn right (west) into the Black River which is an easy paddle 4.7 miles upstream and back to the starting point.

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Black Canyon Water Trail

The Black Canyon Water Trail is located along a rugged and remote portion of the Colorado River in Arizona and Nevada within Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  The trail begins at the base of the Hoover Dam and meanders through Black Canyon along 30 miles of the Colorado River.  The trail terminates at Eldorado Canyon, the historic mining area on Lake Mohave.  This spectacular river setting provides unique paddling and rafting opportunities from flowing hot springs in some of the side canyons to the history associated with the Hoover Dam and the early inhabitants of the surrounding areas.

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Bayou Teche Paddle Trail

Bayou Teche Paddle Trail is a 135 long paddle trail through 4 parishes and 13 towns along the most historically and culturally significant bayou in Louisiana.  Named by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana.

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Huron River Water Trail

The Huron River Water Trail is a 104-mile inland paddling trail connecting people to the river's natural environment, its history and the communities it touches in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. From the rapids at Delhi and Dexter to the placid flat water at the entrance to Great Lake Erie, a variety of paddling experiences await you.  For kayaking, canoeing, fishing on a fly, and other freshwater pursuits, follow the Water Trail to learn what others already know-- the Huron River is a Michigan treasure worth exploring.  The Huron River Water Trail is a consortium of interested group and communities, and is a project of the Huron River Watershed Council and RiverUp!

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Great Miami River Watershed Water Trail

The Great Miami River Watershed Water Trail is located in southwest Ohio and includes 291 miles of paddling, fishing, and wildlife watching opportunities including three beautiful rivers and many smaller tributaries. The Great Miami River Watershed drains more than 4,000 square miles in all or parts of 15 counties. The major rivers include the Great Miami, Stillwater, and Mad rivers. All three rivers are Ohiodesignated Water Trails and the Stillwater River and Greenville Creek are Ohiodesignated Scenic Rivers. Originating just upstream from Indian Lake, a major recreation destination for boaters, campers, and fishermen; the Great Miami River then flows 156 miles southwest to its confluence with the Ohio River west of Cincinnati. The Mad River flows southwest for 65 miles while the Stillwater River flows southeast for 45 miles and they both join the Great Miami River in Dayton. Major tributaries with public access sites include the Buck Creek, which offers a kayaking whitewater park, the Greenville Creek, which is designated as a state scenic river, and the Twin Creek, which is the third healthiest stream in Ohio. Collectively, there are 117 public access sites along these rivers and streams. They offer a range of options for handcarried boats, motorized boats, fishing, and wildlife watching. The Buck Creek includes a whitewater park, the Mad River as a whitewater feature, and several more are planned for the Great Miami and Mad rivers.


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Arkansas River Water Trail

The Arkansas River from Great Bend, Kansas to the Kansas/Oklahoma border provides 192 miles of scenic water trail and riparian corridor wildlife habitat. The river meanders through the expansive prairie, rich pastures and farmland, passing along many cities and small towns as it goes. It then winds its way back out into the countryside and into Oklahoma, gaining flows from smaller tributaries such as Grouse Creek and the Walnut River along the way. A major tributary to the Mississippi River, the Arkansas served numerous Native Americans as they travelled along its length. In the mid 1800’s, travelers on the Sante Fe Trail followed the river through the state of Kansas as they hauled goods to and from Sante Fe. Today, as towns, cities and communities have formed around its fertile banks and agricultural practices dominate the landscape, the Arkansas River provides recreational paddling, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities via the 22 existing access points. Additional access sites are both planned and in progress to make the Arkansas River an even more accessible outdoor recreation destination.

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