Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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Mo is here to help you out as you explore the website.
Junior Ranger Virtual Scavenger Hunt
Want to go on a virtual tour of the park? Now is your chance! Join Mo to see if you can find all the answers to the clues listed below on the park website. Make sure to use all the tabs at the top to help in your search. If you get stuck, look for pages with Mo on it to help you on your way.

Complete the scavenger hunt and create a Flat Stanley to earn a special Junior Ranger pin! When you are finished,
email your answers and a picture of your Flat Stanley. We will send your Junior Ranger pin to you soon!
1. So, you want to be a virtual Junior Ranger? Well then, after the battle, Custer had problems finding this major.


2. There were many in the village running around. Who was hiding in the tall grass when she was found?


3. When the 7th Cavalry attacked, the Cheyenne village was in disbelief, no one more than their leader, this Peace Chief.


4. When you look for this next clue everyone knows, this creature will make you want to plug your nose!


5. Woah! You’re nearly there-a! Which village contained a civilian named Clara?


6. Cheyenne Indians believed many plants had medicinal powers. This plant is the Oklahoma state flower.


7. You have worked very hard to find every clue! The 7th Cavalry’s logo is yellow and


How was your visit? Did you learn anything new? Was it fun? Create your own Flat Stanley about your visit today to earn your pin.


Last updated: February 20, 2021

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