Wolf Belly Woman's Narrative

"I was about ten or eleven years old during the Battle of the Washita. My father's camp was not far away from Black Kettle's, and I could hear the battle. But let me tell you how narrowly I escaped being in the battle. Black Kettle's camp was the farthest west on the Washita. Thus it was the one that was attacked. Next to it there was an Arapaho camp, then another Cheyenne camp, then my father's, then a Kiowa camp.

Then evening before the battle, I was visiting at Black Kettle's camp with Carrying Quiver, a woman who was a friend of my family. At Black Kettle's camp they wanted Carrying Quiver and me to stay overnight, but she had to take me home. I am thankful that we did not remain."

1) Richard G. Hardorff, Washita Memories, pps. 341-342.

Last updated: April 27, 2015

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