European Settlement

I.W. Stevens cabin
This cabin on Namakan Lake is one of 50 structures preserved within the park and was once owed by I.W. Stevens.

By the time Voyageurs National Park was established in 1975, over 60 resorts, 97 leased cabin sites, and over 120 privately owned recreational properties were located within the park's boundaries.

Many people sold their property to the U.S. government when the park was established. Some people chose to sell their property and leave immediately, while others chose to sell their property, but maintain use for either a lifetime tenancy or a 25-year use and occupancy reservation. As these properties are vacated, the park will remove many structures to restore natural conditions. Twenty properties, containing over 50 structures, will be retained and managed by the National Park Service because of their historic significance.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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