Preserving Maho Bay

Maho Bay Beach
The park will be upgrading the parking area at Maho Bay starting September 5, 2017 through November 15, 2017, in an effort to reduce runoff and sedimentation to the bay and provide the most effective parking possible. We hope you will all be patient as we work to protect and improve Maho Bay.

Some have asked why it will take two months to complete the construction. Remember, it is a small island and all construction takes much more time and effort then would be expected elsewhere. The textile materials have to be shipped to St. Thomas and then transported to St. John and the gravel is shipped from St. Thomas. This of course depends on barge availabilities.
Maho Parking Design
The lot will provide a total of 33 spaces. The entrance, exit and pathways will be clearly marked. The lot will be constructed using gravel placed in a permeable grid.
Project funded by Friends of Virgin Islands National Park!

Maho Bay Updates

Follow the progress here or follow us on Facebook for the updates on Maho Bay Parking Lot. Thank you for your patience.

Reducing Runoff into Maho Bay

A Little History

Maho Bay Parking area as of 08/17/2017
Maho Bay Parking Lot August 17, 2017

NPS Photo

The parking area was once a front lawn and has been leveled. It continually washes out and develops huge pot holes. The dirt gravel and pollutants wash into the bay.

Reducing runoff from parking area
Maho Bay runoff following a 2010 storm
Improving the parking area and redirecting waterflow will improve the water quality by reducing runoff. The image shown here is following a storm in 2010.
Maho Bay Sediment 2011
A view of the runoff into Maho Bay following a storm in 2003

NPS Photo Jean-Louis Williams

During a heavy rain event in November of 2003, there was considerable runoff and sediment loading the bay. With proper grading and materials, the park hopes to avoid this in the future.
Maho Road 2003
Maho Bay Washout 2003
Following this major rain event, many beaches washed away and some roads were damaged. Maho Bay lost most of the beach and some sections of road. The park initiated a beach revegetation project in response.

Last updated: August 29, 2017

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