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A white-sand beach with a small wave coming to shore. A cloud tints the low sun at base of hill..
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Stunning images of sea turtles, beautiful beaches, historic and cultural sites, birds, fish, plants, and hurricane recovery.

Dark red legs, eyes, and antennae poke out of a gray-patterned shell: a hermit crab on a sidewalk!
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Dive deep into the park's story with videos on the park's coral reefs, history, nature, Folk Life Festival, and more!

Large white, fluffy clouds soar over a turquoise and blue ocean with shoreline and rail bottom right

Missing those island breezes and want a glimpse of St. John? Want to see if your favorite mooring spot is taken? Check our webcams!

Phone outline around windmill base made of colorful masonry with masonry wall in front
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Hold the park in your hands! Download the NPS app for access to maps, basic information on the park, and more.

Last updated: September 16, 2021

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