Edible Plants & Fruit of the Virgin Islands

Noni Fruit
Photo by Dave Horner

Enjoy the videos of our Park Rangers as they taste new and different items throughout the park.

Noni, or Starvation Fruit (Morinda citrifolua)
This fruiting tree is found on most of our beaches in St. John, and in Virgin Islands National Park. Today's fruit was found at Maho Bay!
When the fruit turns white it is ripe and ready to be eaten....if you can stand the smell and the bitter taste!! Locally you will find Noni sold in juice form, and it tastes great!

The Hog Plum tree is native to the West Indies, and St. John. The fruit is commonly eaten raw, like we are eating it in the video. The Hog Plum are related to Mangos and have a sweet and sour taste...much like a sweetart!
Genip Tree 300x225
Genip tree (Melicocca bijugata). Genips are native to South America, but are naturalized to Caribbean. They are believed to have been introduced to the Caribbean in pre-Columbian times.
Seagrape Coccoloba uvifera

The Seagrape Tree (Coccoloba uvifera) is a flowering plant native to coastal beaches throughout tropical America and the Caribbean. In late summer it bears green fruit in large, grape- like clusters. The fruit ripens to a purplish color and is ready to eat!

Last updated: October 28, 2021

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